About our Meditation Classes

Meditation Basics: 7:30pm - 8pm.  Let Go of stress & increase wellbeing.  Learn and practice the basics of meditation. Learn basic breathing techniques, visualization, mindfulness, and meditation exercises that you can use in daily life.  Meditation can ease anxiety, increase focus, improve general health, and leave you feeling happier in your life. Developing a regular habit of meditation enhances these benefits. Meditating with a group can be more effective than meditating alone. 

This is a new class, meeting Wednesdays from 7:30 - 8pm (except for the first Wed. of the month, which lasts a full hour).  Instructor Kathryn is a Certified Yoga Teacher, with many years of meditation experience. 


Meditation - 1st Wednesdays

The first Wednesday of the month, our meditation class lasts a full hour, diving deeper into traditational yogic meditation.  Quieting the mind often leads to opening the heart and connecting with the inner self.  Learn to connect to a sense of peace, deeper awareness and inner joy.  Explore spiritual aspects of meditation. Sri Yantra Yoga Studio is connected with Shambhava Yoga, and a lineage of master meditation teachers originating in India, passing down their teachings and depth of spiritual energy through the generations.  Classes are generally seated, and involve various yogic meditation practices such as chanting, mantra and guided and silent meditations. Yogic readings and talks may be included.  Instructor Gineen is a registered nurse and Certified Yoga Teacher. She has been practicing meditation for 15 years, and teaching meditation for 6 years. She has a welcoming and gentle nature.

Wed May 1st, 7:30-8:30pm: Ganesh Meditation.  Learn and practice mantra and meditation to help overcome obstacles.

 Wed April 3rd, 7:30-8:30pm:  Circular Breath Meditation. Learn and practice a gentle meditation directing our breath to move through our major chakras, or energy centers in the body.  Breathing consciously can help open up these energy centers, allowing energy to flow within us, benefiting body/mind/spirit.


Suggested donation: Meditation Basics $5+,  First Wednesdays: $5 - $12, or use a punch-card.  Experienced meditators and beginners are welcome to all classes.  



Some Previous Meditation Topics: 
Reclined, Guided Meditation - Wed March 6th

Deeply relax and relieve stress.  Stretch out on a yoga mat & blanket (bring a pillow if you'd like), and be gently guided through deep relaxation. Refresh the body, clear the head, and enjoy this deeply relaxing experience. 


Heart Meditation - Wed Feb 6th

 Connect to a deeper state of peace within with Meditation.  "Inside of you is a state of being that is totally pure and clear and at peace. The heart meditation will help you experience this state. It is from that state of clarity that all creativity flows." - Sri Shambhavanda

Join us as we discuss the ways we experience our spiritual heart, then be verbally cued through an exercise involving use of the breath to help open and expand the heart (anahata) chakra. We will sit quietly for 15-20 minutes while exploring what this practice can do for us. The spiritual heart is considered to be the seat of higher consciousness. 

New Year Candlelight Meditation and Mantra,  Wed 1/2

To welcome the New Year, we'll learn and practice the Mrityunjaya Mantra, a traditional mantra from India.  This mantra is said to ward off negative influences and purify one's entire system.  Repetition of this mantra can aid in protecting from misfortunes, and bring freedom from attachments. We'll then sit in quiet meditation for about 20 minutes. 


Gayatri Mantra Meditation -  Several years ago, many yoga classes at Sri Yantra started by reciting the Gayatri Mantra. This mantra focuses on connecting to inner divine light, and letting it shine. We'll learn (or re-learn) and practice this traditional yogic mantra, chant it together for a while, and sit quietly in meditation. As we enter the holiday season, this is a nice way to take a break, clear the mind, and find some inner peace & inspiration.  According to Douglas Brooks, PhD, a professor at the University of Rochester, the Gayatri is the most sacred phrase uttered in the Vedas. "It doesn't get more ancient, more sacred, than this. It's an ecstatic poetic moment."  "As your chackras begin to radiate with it you will feel the weight of the world drop off you." - Sri Shambhavanda

Introduction to mantra meditation - learn and practice traditional yogic mantra.

Grounding Meditation.  Learn and practice a meditation to help center and ground yourself. Learn to stop, be still, and draw your energy inside. This meditation will help you connect to your inner strength and balance. We'll sit and be guided in a grounding meditation, and then sit quietly and practice together. Time for questions & discussion at the end.

Meditation Basics.  Learn the basics of seated meditation. We'll learn to sit, relax and use our breath to help quiet our minds. If you're interested in relieving stress, clearing the head, improving overall health, increasing focus, or deepening your yogic practice - this is a great introductory class to get you started. Beginners and experienced meditators welcome!  

Kirtan & Yogic Meditation - we'll start with some joyful kirtan (yogic music, singing and chanting), led by Patti.  Then be guided in yoga meditation, and spend some time sitting and quietly practicing.  

Finding Freedom with Meditation.  Celebrate Independence Day with internal fireworks! What would you like to be free from--emotional distress, anxiety, physical tension, racing mind? Meditation can help. Sit with us and practice breathing to alleviate stress and balance the emotions. You will be guided through relaxation and into meditation, then instructed on breath work. We will then have some quiet time to practice the breath and to sink deeper into meditation. 

Special Mini Retreat: 2-5:30pm - Yoga, Kirtan and Meditation

Take a break just for you, while taking your practice to a deeper level.  Enjoy centering, joyful practices in the Shambhava Yoga tradition.  Focus on connecting to your own inner divine spark.  Opening/Welcome 2-2:15, Open Level Yoga 2:15-3:15pm,  Kirtan 3:45- 5pm (devotional, blissful yogic music, chanting and singing), followed by quiet seated Meditation 5- 5:30pm. 

Cultivating Happiness with Meditation: Learn to use the ancient art of yogic meditation to cultivate happiness. We'll practice seated meditation aimed at discovering a natural and innate sense of joy and bliss within. Instructor Gineen with talk about the experience of finding inner bliss, and how to cultivate happiness through meditation. She'll guide the class in a seated meditation, and then silent practice. We'll finish up with discussion and questions. 

Discovering the higher Self - explore the yogic concept of Self - the deepest, highest part of our being.  

For Nov/Thanksgiving:  Gratitude Exercise:

Find a comfortable seat, with a straight spine.  Take a moment to allow your body to relax, feeling grounded through the base of the body.  Let your shoulders relax.  Gently close your eyes, or allow a soft focus, perhaps on the floor a few feet in front of you.  Feeling ease in your body, let the mind quiet down, and bring your attention to your breath.  Simply notice the breath with ease, entering and leaving the body.  Follow the breath to the center of your chest, your heart chakra.  Feel a lightness and expansion there with each inhale.  Relax with each exhale.  Bring to mind a special person, place or a special something that you are grateful for.  Feel a sense of gratitude and feel appreciation and love in your heart center.  Allow that feeling of lightness, love and gratitude to expand.  You many feel a sense of inner joy bubble up.  Just be with this sense of gratitude for several minutes.  Then cup your hands at the center of your chest with fingers pointing upwards.  Continue to breath, and feel sweetness and love well up in the heart.  Let the fingers seperate, like a lotus flower opening and blooming.  Begin to raise the hands higher, and allow the palms to separate upward and outward, like a big bowl with it's base at your heart center.  Let your love, gratitude and sweetness fill the bowl, and fill your being.  Offer love and thanks upward.  As you exhale, lower your hands back to your lap.   -Thanks to Shambhava School of Yoga and Swami Rudranada (Rudi) for this exercise

Dewali celebration and Meditation - celebrate the triumph of Light over darkness! Its a big holiday in India.  There will be music, there will be sweets, meditation and fun surprises --let your light shine!

Yogic Growth Meditation & Chant. We'll start off with joyful kirtan chanting, and then explore meditation techniques aimed at working though & releasing negative emotions. Anger, sadness and frustration come up for everyone. Rather than getting stopped or overwhelmed by these feelings, learn to harness the energy driving these emotions and use it as fuel for inner growth.

 Ham Sam. Practice the natural breath mantra "Ham Sa". This classic, simple and profound meditation can help us tune into and recognize a pure and higher consciousness within.

Let It Go--Not just a song from a kid's movie, at the base of meditation practice is the principle of surrender. We will discuss various meditation tools for letting go of thoughts as they arise during meditation and during our day. Then we will implement them by sitting and Letting It Go. 

Medicine Buddha: This ancient and moving practice brings healing physically, mentally and spiritually to all. The beautiful chant and its rituals, including hand mudras and gazing at murtis of Medicine Buddha, cultivates well-being for us as practitioners and for those around us as well.
Walking Meditation: Go off cushion! We will discuss mindfulness during activity then put awareness into practice while walking at a slow pace and keeping our attention focused on the present as we move. This exercise helps us bring meditation into all areas of our lives. 


Murtanjya Mantra: We will chant this ancient mantra for 10-15 min then sit quietly. The vibration of this beautiful set of syllables helps us transition from one year to the next, and promotes the letting go of old habits so new things can arise.

Thich Naht Hahn: After listening to a recorded lecture by Buddhist teacher Thich Naht Hahn we will sit quietly, and then discuss.

World Peace Meditation: We will join with meditators around the world in this meditation meant to help us find peace in ourselves, then send it out to others. Combines guided with silent meditation. Enjoy our candlelit Christmas atmosphere. 

Rudi: We will listen to a 15 minute lecture given by Swami Rudrananda in the 1970's then discuss and meditate. The lecture focuses on circular breathing, a meditation that helps open the chakras and clear away energy blocks. 

Present Moment- we will discuss various techniques to increase mindfulness on and off the cushion, then we will put them into use to bring ourselves to the present as we sit quietly for 15-20 minutes. Practice being here now.


SPECIAL EVENT - Meditation class field trip! Instead of meeting at the yoga center, we'll meet in the Olin Theater Lobby of Washington and Jefferson College between 6:30 and 6:45pm for the Gaden Sartse Monastery of Tibet Sacred Arts Tour. The Tibetan Monks will be working on a sand mandala in the lobby all week, which will be on display. 7pm - 8:30 free lecture with the monks in the Olin Theater - World Peace and the Unity of all Religions, followed by Q&A. 

Ganesh - today is the eve of a great celebration of Ganesha in many parts of the world. Ganesha represents helpful and strong energy, said to remove obstacles, aid in success and provide wisdom. We'll do a Ganesh Chant, some Ganesh mantra, and sit in silent meditation. 

Surrender Meditation - learn a meditation technique to help relax in the present moment, connect to our inner heart center, while letting go of negative thoughts and feelings.  

For Mother's Day: we'll honor the divine mother. We'll celebrate the many manifestations of the goddess. Through meditation we will explore her attributes within ourselves. Bring your own sacred item (picture, statue, etc) that symbolizes the feminine for you. 

Circular Breath.  Patti will start us off with some kirtan – joyful yogic chanting that helps us to center and connect deeper within.  Then we will discuss and practice a gentle Circular Breath meditation - allowing our breath to move through our major chakras, or energy centers in the body.  Breathing consciously can help open up these energy centers, allowing energy to flow within us, benefiting body/mind/spirit.

The Sound of Om: Chant with us the sound of Om and meditate on its vibration within. The sound of Om is soothing and empowering. We will chant together for 10 minutes then with verbal cuing we will sit in quiet meditation for 15-20 minutes.

Guided Meditation: Join us for an evening of guided relaxation and breathing using guided imagery and verbal cueing, while lying comfortably on a yoga mat. We will be led through a meditation that allows us to let go of tension and create positive energy.