Online Classes

During the covid-19 shutdown, our classes have switched to online.  As a service to our community, we are offering these classes as "pay what you can".   Please punch your punch-card from home, or click pay what you can.  Your support helps Sri Yantra Yoga studio pay rent and expenses. Thank you!   

Remember to take all classes at your own pace, and only do what is right for your body. As with all exercise, check with your doctor first if you have any health concerns. Most classes are about 25-35 minutes.

Beginner friendly Gentle Yoga. Flow with the breath as you move through gentle warm ups. Stretch, strengthen and balance with Hath yoga poses. Finish with guided reclined relaxation. Great class to start with.


Stretch, flow, and find balance. Beginner friendly Hatha Yoga class including Staff of Brahman flow, Chair Pose variations, and more. Finish with reclined, heart centering, guided relaxation.


Warm up, energize and flow with the breath in this Open Level class. Stretch & strengthen with Hatha Yoga. Wind down with relaxing poses.


Warm up and flow with Warrior 2. Explore being guided in Half Moon pose, using a chair and a wall for support. Then try Half Moon with a block or thick book. Finish with seated poses and a short Tension Release Meditation.


Quiet the mind and connect to your heart with this 7 minute guided Heart Meditation with Tara.


Refresh with beginner friendly outdoor yoga with Patti. Practice being present & grounded. Stretch, breathe & relax.


Kathryn guides a deeply restful and relaxing Yoga Nidra, or "yogic sleep".  Beginner friendly. Have a pillow and blanket ready.


Try yoga in a new space - bring your practice off your mat and into your kitchen! Enjoy chair yoga, standing poses and mindfully sipping tea or a favorite soft drink. Beginner Friendly.


Enjoy this Open Level class with warms ups, Locust, and a Warrior 1 flow. Try Warrior 3 with a chair for support, and/or work up to Warrior 3 without a chair. Cool down & relax. 



Relax and Refresh with a 1/2 hour Gentle Yoga class. Beginner friendly - great class to start out with.


Center with the breath and connect to inner joy. Be guided through warm ups, lunges & the basics of Sun Salutations. Finish with your own cool down & relaxation, or with our next video - Basic Standing poses. 


Basic standing & seated poses. Begin with some warm up stretches on your own, or with the previous video. Center and strengthen with Warrior 2, Triangle, Tree, seated stretches, a short Ham Sa Meditation, and reclined relaxation. 


Wake up, stretch and greet your day. Enjoy this refreshing 9 minute yoga practice with Sri Yantra Yoga instructor Kathryn, while still in your pjs.

Remember to please punch your punch-card from home, or click pay what you can so we can continue to offer yoga to our community. Thank you!