Our Instructors

photo Patti Sangita Spadaro

Owner/director of Sri Yantra Yoga, Patti Spadaro has a gentle, joyful nature and teaches from the heart.  Patti is a 200 hour Certified Hatha Yoga Teacher, with 120 additional hours of certified training in Meditation, Vinyasa Flow, and Adjustments & Teaching Skills.  Patti is a faculty member at Washington & Jefferson College, a distinguished 4 year Liberal Arts college in Washington, PA.  She teaches yoga, meditation and wellness courses to the students there, and develops curriculum.  

Patti completed her training here at Sri Yantra and at Shambhava Yoga, Shoshoni Ashram in Colorado.  She continues to study with meditation teacher Rishi Sri Shambhavananda, who has nourished the growth of students across the world for over forty years.  Patti has a B.S. degree in Physics, and she's a professional musician and a mom.  She enjoys leading kirtan (uplifting yogic music and chanting) at Sri Yantra.  "I love to share the tremendous benefits of yoga & meditation with my community", says Patti.  Her yoga name "Sangita" means Divine Music, creative and full of joy.

photo Bethany Traynor

Bethany has always been in love with the fabulous workings of the human body. She studied dance for eleven years, and received a BA from California University of Pennsylvania, majoring in Ballet. She later discovered yoga, and completed her teacher training at Sri Yantra Yoga. Bethany is a 200 hour Certified Hatha Yoga Teacher with an additional 30 hours certification in Vinyasa Flow.  Bethany has a flowing, graceful and empowering teaching style. Grateful for the many blessings yoga has brought to her life, Bethany teaches several classes a week at Sri Yantra. Not only does she receive the physical challenges she loves, but yoga has brought her an enormous amount of peace of mind and tranquility. 

photo Julie Booth

Julie is a 500 hour Certified Hatha Yoga Teacher.  She completed her yoga training with 3 Rivers Yoga.  Julie has over 10 years of teaching experience, and is also a licensed massage therapist, and a Reiki practitioner.   She loves to offer students a nurturing and relaxing yoga experience. Hundreds of students have enjoyed & gained great value from her classes over the years.  Julie also leads special workshops, including Hand Mudra workshops and Restorative Yoga with Relaxing Bodywork. 

photo Kathryn Jolley

Kathryn found Sri Yantra Yoga studio in 1999, and has studied here since. First, hatha yoga classes and then meditation became a central part of Kathryn’s life. Kathryn enjoys the positive differences in her personal life and her relationships brought about by her yoga practice. She also discovered the healing qualities of yoga when recovering from an injury. “Yoga began as essential stress release and relaxation; it has become a vital physical and spiritual journey for me."  Kathryn is a 200 hour Certified Hatha Yoga Teacher with 90 hours of additional certified training in Vinyasa Flow and Adjustments & Teaching Skills.  Kathryn completed her training here at Sri Yantra, and also at Shambhava Yoga, Shoshoni, Colorado.

photo Ashley Martin

Ashley says "After a decade of growing my personal yoga practice, I'm happy I can now share it with others as a 200 hour Certified Yoga Instructor. I love the dichotomy of yoga: it's meditative yet energetic, encourages focus and creativity, and is grounding yet growing.  Embracing the ebb and flow of yoga gives us tools to deal with the ups and downs in life. I encourage everyone; regardless of their age, sex, activity level, or lifestyle to try yoga."  Ashley completed her yoga teacher training at Yoga Innovations, and has been joining us here at Sri Yantra for classes over the last couple of years.

photo Teresa Babyak

Teresa says, “Yoga has changed my life! Yoga has not only helped me increase strength and flexibility, but it also has helped me gain a level of peace and centeredness in an otherwise stressful life.  In the past, I have joined gyms and bought exercise equipment and yet, always found an excuse why I couldn't exercise. Yoga, however, is the only thing that I never make excuses for.”  Teresa is the Director of Operations at Washington Health Systems, and Advisory Council Chair/ Board Member at the National Ovarian Cancer Coalition.  Teresa is certified in Exercise Fitness Instruction, and has taught yoga at the hospital to the delight of her colleagues.  Teresa teaches our 108 Sun Salutations class.

photo Gineen Dutkovic

Gineen is a long time practitioner of yoga and meditation, a registered nurse and a published author.  She is a 200 hour Certified Hatha Yoga Teacher, and completed her training in Shambhava Yoga at Shoshoni Ashram in Colorado.  Gineen has been practicing meditation regularly at Sri Yantra for several years.  She has a peaceful, focused, easy going nature.   Meditation has been a tremendous benefit to her life.  Gineen often leads our Wednesday Evening Meditation class. 

photo John Spadaro

Co-owner of Sri Yantra, John has practiced yoga and meditation for several years.  His love of music shines through while leading our monthly drum circles.  John studied Jembe drum and percussion privately, and also completed Drum Circle Facilitator training courses.  He loves the sense of community that making music together brings to a group.  John has a Master's degree in Physics and has been working in the field of physics & engineering for over 20 years.  He finds drum circles to be centering, energizing, relaxing and fun.

photo Veena and Ven Kelly

Married couple Veena and Ven have been practicing yoga and meditation for over 15 years.  They both completed their 200 hour Hatha Yoga Teacher certifications at Shambhava Yoga, Konalani Ashram in Hawaii. Ven and Veena lead kirtan here at Sri Yantra and occasionally teach our meditation class.